NHDS Strategic Planning Process 2021-2022

The Executive Committee of the National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) is embarking on strategic planning for the NHDS. The goal of this strategic planning process is to refine the mission and vision for the NHDS and update the NHDS’ ambitious community-driven mandate that was first established in 2016. The strategic planning process will also help to inform community-driven priorities for the NHDS, as well as short-term and long-term projects and initiatives to be undertaken by the NHDS. It will also inform the organizational structure of NHDS going forward. 

This strategic planning exercise is informed by the business plan published by the NHDS in 2018, while also recognizing that the landscape of digitized heritage material in Canada continues to evolve. This is a process of co-creation and iteration and we invite you to provide feedback on the proposed strategic planning framework.

Step 1: Community Consultation 

During this phase, the NHDS Executive Committee and Secretariat will gather input from community members and stakeholders. An Engagement Report will be built from the input received from this outreach to help guide and anchor the priorities of the NHDS.


As a first step, the NHDS Executive Committee launched a survey that used the goals identified in the 2018-2019 business plan as a baseline to re-validate the mandate of the NHDS. The survey allowed for suggestions and recommendations on future NHDS priorities.

Community Calls 

Hosted by the Chair and Vice-Chair, and supported by the Secretariat, the NHDS Executive Committee held a series of community calls in September 2021 to validate and discuss the survey findings. Opportunities to share additional insights and recommendations were also provided. 

Stakeholder Calls 

Led by the Secretariat, with participation from members of the Executive Committee, calls will be held with key stakeholders nationally and internationally to discuss the key priorities of the NHDS.

Step 2: Executive and Advisory Committees Consultation 

Using the Consultation Report as the foundation, the NHDS Executive and Advisory Committees, as well as members of the Technical Working Group, will undergo a planning exercise to identify and validate high-level goals and priorities for an updated strategic plan. The Committees will also brainstorm potential activities and initiatives. 

Step 3: Executive Committee Development of the Strategic Plan 

Using the Engagement Report and the high-level validation and identification of goals by the Advisory Committee, the NHDS Executive Committee will draft an updated strategic plan.

Step 4: Community Validation 

A draft version of the updated strategic plan will be released for community consultation. The plan will then be adjusted as needed based on feedback. 

Step 5: Final Plan 

The Strategic Framework for the the renamed Coalition for Canadian Digital Heritage is now publicly available here.