CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) Advisory Committee

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) envisions a future in which digital access to Canada’s diverse documentary heritage is comprehensive, ubiquitous, and has a profound impact on Canadian culture, education, research, and innovation.

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) invites expressions of interest from the GLAM (gallery, library, archive, and museum) community to join the NHDS Advisory Committee. The NHDS Advisory Committee is an unincorporated body whose members are aligned in engaging the Canadian library, archive, and museum community and Canadian creators in sharing expertise, to facilitate the digitization, preservation, and discovery of Canadian heritage. The NHDS Advisory Committee is accountable to the broader GLAM community which it endeavours to represent. The Chair of the Advisory Committee reports on its activities to the NHDS Executive Committee.

Membership in the NHDS Advisory Committee is limited to Canadian public or not-for-profit GLAM (gallery, library, archives, and museum) organizations, committed to, and with a demonstrated investment in the digitization of, preservation of, and access to Canadian heritage.

Expressions of interest will be reviewed and considered by the NHDS Executive Committee to ensure representation and balance of expertise on the committee.

For more information on the NHDS Advisory Committee, please consult the Terms of Reference and the NHDS website.

The NHDS Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis via teleconference. A rough estimate of the time commitment required for serving on the group follows:

4 teleconferences * 2 hours = 8 hours
1 hour prep-time per meeting = 4 hours
Individual work outside of meetings (2 hours * 12 months) = 24 hours

Total Annual Commitment = 36 hours

NHDS Advisory Committee members may also be called to serve on Working Groups or Task Groups with an additional time commitment.

To submit an expression of interest, please complete and send the attached Expression of Interest form to Georgia Ashworth ( by February 23, 2021, which includes:
• Contact information
• Brief biographical details and relevant work experience to illustrate expertise in and enthusiasm for the work of the committee
• Assurance that this workload and time commitment meets with approval of the candidate’s immediate supervisor, if applicable

Please note that we will be inviting expressions of interest throughout the year. More details will be available soon.

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